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Making software applications and
web sites easy to use
Some examples of our work (user research, site diagrams, and interface design)

What we do

We specialize in usability and user-centered design, helping our clients achieve their goals by designing web applications, software, and web sites that are easy to use and understand.
We start with understanding user needs, and collaboratively refine the design

Our approach

We start with understanding user needs, and collaboratively refine the design with feedback from users, stakeholders and developers. The result: Solutions that work the way your users expect them to.

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We design information technology interfaces that are easy to use and understand

What do you need?

We can design the next generation of your application or web site, clarify user requirements, or recommend ways to improve the user interface for navigation, findability, and ease of use.

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Recent Presentation

Simplicity in Web Application Design

June 23, 2015

Simplicity is one of the most important principles of design. But, realistically, simplicity isn’t always simple. In their UXPA 2015 presentation, Lisa Battle and Laura Chessman discussed what to try when removing functionality or features isn’t an option. We'll provide practical questions to ask when deciding whether and how to simplify an application, and summarize proven design techniques to use when simplifying applications.

Recent Presentation

Designing the Next Generation of Search User Experience

June 24, 2015

Design is coming to the forefront of effective search applications, to help make sense of mobile search, data search, semantic search, enterprise search, federated search, and embedded search within websites and applications. So what do we need to know about designing for search? In this UXPA 2015 session, Duane Degler and Lisa Battle explore the essentials for a new generation of search design.